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FD-AFM 540A / 450A

  • FD-AFM 540A / 450A
FD-AFM 540A / 450A

FD-AFM 540A / 450A

Automatic Case Maker

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Classic model, mature technology, stable performance, easy operation, fast adjustment, finish exchanging the pattern in 25 minutes, friendly design, low failure rate.

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  • The feeder in this machine adopts back-push feeding system, which is controlled pneumatically, its structure is simple and reasonable
  • The width between stacker and feeding table is adjusted concentrically in the centre. The operation is very easy without error
  • New designed copper scraper cooperates with the roller more compactly, effectively avoiding paper winding. And the copper scraper is more durable
  • Adopt imported ultrasonic paper tester device, simple operation which can keep two pieces of layered paper from entering into the machine at the same time
  • The cardboard feeding table is controlled by linear guide line and servo motor, its location is correct and quick
  • In the cardboard feeding table, the machine can automatically stop when lack of paper to reduce reject rate
  • Transport belt is equipped with a powerful vacuum fan to keep the paper without any movement
  • Paper feeding and positioning system adopts imported high-precise photoelectric control device to make the paper and cardboard location more accurate
  • The folding unit adopts special automatic angle-repair, edge-repair to ensure high yield
  • The whole machine adopts PLC control, featuring in simple operation. The troubles are displayed directly on the screen, which helps the operator easily remove them
  • Optional device : glue viscosity meter


Automatic Case Maker FD-AFM450A FD-AFM540A
Paper Size(A×B) Min: 130 × 230mm
Max: 480 × 830mm
Min: 130 × 230mm
Max: 570 × 1030mm
Paper Thickness 100-200 g/m2 100-200 g/m2
Cardboard Thickness(T) 1-3 mm 1-3 mm
Finished Product Size (W × L) Min: 100 × 200mm
Max: 450 × 800mm
Min: 100 × 200mm
Max: 540 × 1000mm
Spine(S) 10 mm 10 mm
Folded Paper Size(R) 10-18 mm 10-18 mm
Max Quantity of Cardboard 6 pieces 6 pieces
Precision ±0.50mm ±0.50mm
Production Speed(max.) 25 sheets/min 22 sheets/min
Motor Power 5kW / 380V 3phase 5kW / 380V 3phase
Heater Power 6 kW 6 kW
Machine Weight 3200 kg 3900 kg

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