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About Us

PT. Sanserita Jaya has been established as a trading company in Jakarta in March 1992 with market coverage throughout Indonesia. Our business model is based on the accomplishment of supplying raw materials, finishing machineries for printing and publishing industry. We realize there is a great need for the supplies of materials, consumables, equipments and machines in handling the jobs. Therefore, we set up our business focus in this area. Among our products are Punching and binding machines, Collating paper machine, Gluing machines, Drilling paper machines, Laser Print machines, Hot stamping machines, Round corner machines, Creasing machines, Folding Machines, Double loop binding wires, Single binding wires, Digital printing papers, Covering papers, Laminated grey boards, Office punching and binding equipments, Cover passport materials, Diary covering material, Al’Quran covering material, Gift boxes paper, etc.