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EX 610

  • EX 610
EX 610

EX 610

Automatic Punching Machine

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Precision punching up to 15" at very high output speeds Capable of producing up to 100,000+ punched sheets per hour. Punches preprinted collated documents with or without mixed stocks. Optional attachment to punch tabs collated into finished sets. Tabs must have a minimum 1/4" shoulder.

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EX610 Optional Equipment

Continuous Conveyor Delivery
Continuous delivery shingles sheets as they exit the turnover drum and conveys them out to the operator.

Tab Option
Allows you to punch tabbed stock pre-collated into the book. Tabs must have a minimum of 1/4" shoulders. Reduces the minimum unbound edge to 5 1/4".

High Pile Stacking Delivery
High pile delivery neatly stacks and automatically recedes to allow your operator to concentrate on loading the paper feeder. Automatically stops when full.

Air Blow Option
Provides a blast of air to separate the picked lift from the stack. Helpful for stocks or environments where static is a common problem.
Includes air lines only - air compressor not included.

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