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Hi-Speed Wire-O Finishing

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Mid-volume document and calendar Wire-O finishing

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Two versatile, hi-speed semi-automatic models with binding edges from 2” to 27”. The BB50H automatically finishes hand fed pre-punched documents with Wire-O sizes from 1/4” to 1”, up to 20” wide. Utilizes shaped closing tools for each Wire-O size from 1/4" to 1" to assure a smooth round close on each book. Includes skip binding capability and a high speed automatic calendar hanger feeder.

Main Technical Characteristics

Wire-O Sizes 3:1" pitch - 3/16" to 9/16" (sizes 3 to 9)
2:1" pitch - 5/8" to 1" (sizes 10 to 16)
Binding Length 3:1" pitch - maximum 60 loops
                - minimum 4 loops
2:1" pitch - maximum 41 loops
                 - minimum 4 loops
Book Thickness All models 3mm (3/16") up to 22mm (7/8")
Output Practical speed is 600/1200 per hour depends on product, format and the operator's skill
Hanger Length 76mm up to 400mm
Hanger Styles N° 3 and 4 Standard
Machine Size 1500mm wide x 1100mm deep x 1400mm height
Net Weight 346kg
Spool Unwind Unit  500mm wide x 700mm deep x 1205mm high
(60kg net)
Air Input Ring main or dedicated compressor (not supplied)
Compressed Air 5.52 bar (80psi) pressure
Air Consumption 15 cu/ft min (410 I/min)
Electrical 500 watts
Mains Supply 220/250v, 115/200v (50/60Hz)

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