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  • AB-36


High Speed Automatic Wire Binding Machine

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  • A full in - line system which utilizes wire from spools, it will cut, insert, close and dropped into the case
  • It can be used to bind books with over hanging cover
  • Production efficiency is 5 times faster compared to manual wire insertion
  • Wire diameter change over take only 15 minutes
  • Compact and save workshop space
  • Can be programmed for continuous binding, two pieces with hanger or “skip-binding”
  • Option for automatic hanger feeder with hanger former

Technical Data

Max. Binding Size 380(binding side) x 420 mm
Min. Binding Size 64(binding side) x 103 mm
Calendar Hanger Length 75 - 280 mm
Speed 900 - 2400 books/hour
Wire Size 1/4" - 7/8"
Power 380V/220V ±5%/3Ph/50(60)Hz/3kW
Machine Dimension 2565 x 2000 x 1900 mm
Net Weight 700 kg (150 kg for calendar hanger system)

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