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Coltec is the leader in the market of special application collating equipment. It is easy to set up and user friendly. It come with automatic adjusting air blow separation between two top sheets. The machine ideal for wide range of booklets, applications included one tone carbon air mail, strawboard, laminated, wallpaper, fabric bank note, plastic, braille, floor tile sample and folded sector.

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Stations Guides:
All sheet size changes are easily achieved within seconds by moving magnetic side and back stops. The suction cups are quickly set in position by a thumb screw control.


Air Blow:
Automatic air blow separation accurately directs air between the top sheets and is followed by a suction head sheet-push to dislodge any sheets which may be clinging. Col-Tec make best use of these features including the fitting of larger capacity compressors.


There are a choice of electromechanical and/or electronic miss and double sheet detector systems. In both cases a single control will set all stations instantaneously.


Stock Range:
Col-Tec suction feed collators are ideal for collating the widest range of stocks from lightweight papers to heavy board and folded sections. The potential is virtually unlimited.


Conveyor Transport:
The open concept of the Col-Tec horizontal design gives the operator a clear overall view of all sheets throughout the collating proccess. By maintaining all sheets on one level, the collator can easily handle all light and heavyweight stocks. With no contact on the printed surface other than the suction cups, the Col-Tec collator is ideal for collation of work that would be marked by other designs.


Conveyor Knock-up:
The conveyor is fitted with automatic knock-up belts that jog the set together everytime a new sheet is added. This ensures better set registration which is particularly important for further in-line operations.

Standard Spesification

Collator Format Maximum Sheet Size (cm) Minimum Sheet Size (cm) Maximum Cycles Per Hour Minimum Unit Size & Length (cm) Approx Additional Length Per Station Added (cm) Width
B5+ 25 x 25 4 x 4 Up to 5,000 10 stations 365 27 105
B4 Potrait 25 x 35 8 x 10 Up to 4,000 6 stations 260 27 135
B3 Potrait 35 x 50 10 x 12 Up to 3,600 6 stations 320 37 148
B2 Potrait 50 x 70 14 x 21 Up to 2,400 4 stations 410 52 185
B1 70 x 100 21 x 29 Up to 1,800 2 stations 242 72 260
Signature Collator 35 x 35 10 x 12 Up to 4,000 6 stations 320 37 135
B3 Landscape 50 x 35 10 x 12 Up to 4,000 3 stations 278 52 125
B2 Landscape 70 x 50 14 x 21 Up to 3,600 3 stations 325 72 150
Custom As per client instructions As per client instructions As per client instructions As per client instructions N/A N/A

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