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WS 602

  • WS 602
WS 602

WS 602

Desktop Wire Stitching Machine

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Main Technical Characteristics

  WS 602
Stitching Head 2
Pitch Adjustable (55 - 125mm)
Stitching Capacity 60 sheets (80gsm)
Wire Stitching Width 12mm (0.48")
Round Stitching Wire 25# (0.55mm/0.2")
Stitching Type Flat & Saddle
Clinch Type Flat Clinch
Adjustable Length of Wire Yes
Wire Spool GB2
Stitching Speed 75 stitches per minute
Power Consumption 200W
Net Weight 58 Kg
Dimension (H x W x D) 820 x 600 x 470 mm
Power Supply 230V / 50Hz       115V / 60Hz

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