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Filepecker-IV (100) NT

  • Filepecker-IV (100) NT
Filepecker-IV (100) NT

Filepecker-IV (100) NT

2 Spindle Electric Paper Driller

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Main Technical Variables

Punching Capacity 1,050 sheets/80gr (2 books)
2 hole distance 40 - 160mm comvertible
Back Margin 3 - 105 (mm) adjustable
Standard stop gauge & pre-programmed stop gauge all equipped on the table
Auto centering guide equipped
Paper Size Max. A3 longitudinal
Table Dimensions 460W x 370D (mm)
Digital Indicator equipped for easy & accurate work
Electricity 510 Watts, AC 110/220/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 530W x 570D x 620H (mm)

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